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Countdown to Summer’s family fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

The days continue to seem to fly by and next up is summer break and that will mean lots of kids and their families taking fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. We fish charters anywhere from a single person to multiple boat corporate outings but we’ll see a lot more kids now. Birthday charter yesterday with 6 six year olds and a mom. Summer is here.


         The weather is forecast to be very nice all week. The onshore breeze is still here but has lost a lot of it’s punch. Continuing strong north current and  a unusual amount of seaweed continues to pass by in this current, keeping our mates busy clearing baits both near and also offshore.


         The good Kingfish bite on the near shore reefs continues and fishing in and out patterns in 60 to 120 feet of water draws strikes. Cero Macks in there too. For the 2nd report in a row the False Albacore (Bonito/ Albies) have been fewer. The good news is that circumstance allows us to get more Kings and other species of fish, but few complain when they go to battle with these “Speed Perch” and after over 40 years at the wheel I am still impressed at the horse power these little packages of dynamite possess.


          We’ve had Sailfish right in there with the Kings and Bonito and some Blackfin Tuna have also been tucked up inside as a result of the strong current . A Mahi-Mahi here and there but again surprisingly few in numbers. Time of year for big Jacks and big Sharks and we they are right on time.


           Please enjoy the photos of anglers we have had aboard, tight lines and good fishing to all.

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