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Summertime and kids /just add water

Pretty simple formula. Your children are on summer break. Traditionally calmer seas in the summer   (that’s the water part). Simply add Marlin My Darlin as the remaining element, sit back and enjoy a Fort Lauderdale fishing charter aboard either our kid friendly and safe 46 or 53 foot Sportfishing boats.


     Enjoy the kids and their photos who have join ed us aboard  here. Kings as represented in the photos continue to roam the edges of the near shore reefs. Bonito (False Albacore) mixed in. Some Tuna continue just off the edge and a couple of nice Wahoo this week, Golden Tilefish in the deep, a few Mahi-Mahi and big Sharks, but those by adults, and this a kid’s pictures report and getting those kids fired up. Come on Mom and Dad ( those adult types mentioned) and join the young ones aboard. We look forward to a memorable summer season here, and it is underway now. Tight lines. JJ, Matt, Tommy, Kenny, Joey, JJ, Cameron and myself @ Marlin My Darlin.

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