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Summer showers but calm seas on fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale

 We continue to see a fair amount of rain over south Florida and the forecast is that we will be seeing more of the same for a few days. Being in a boat allows one to steer away from some of the rain as there isn’t the circumstance of having to stay between the yellow lines if on a highway with no options to choose, but some of them have been unavoidable lately.  Dodge a few and then put on the rain gear and push through the others. Here’s our latest report on our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale.


           As you see by the photos of recent anglers here aboard Marlin My Darlin there have been some  nice fish to be fought lately. Several Sailfish for us since our last report and that has been fun for sure. Nice Cobia pictured followed up a hooked Sandbar Shark that bit a bottom bait. A quick pitch bait added that Cobia to the catch. Several instances of boats in our fleet lately having Cobia follow up hooked sharks from the bottom. Some Kingfish along the reef and although the Bonito bite has slowed there are some truly large ones. The larger one in the photo included with this report was a 22 pounder. Still some good sized Amberjacks on the wrecks. Large numbers of the Barracudas continue this week. Couple of nice Blackfin Tunas today, but the Mahi-Mahi still being difficult to locate. We will be after them on all day charters on Sunday aboard both our Marlin My Darlin boats. Slide a big lure or a big Horse Ballyhoo out there in your spread if you get out in the deep. Small but strong and fiesty Blue Marlin offshore here in July and August. We’ll have ours out there in the spread hoping for an opportunity. You have to be lucky, but why not? Cover all the bases, wade through the Cudas. You never know, and that’s why we all say to one another “See you on the Rip”. Tight lines, JJ

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