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Big Tiger Shark surprise

 We fish for pretty much anything that swims here on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. We catch good numbers of fish here off Ft. Lauderdale fishing in water from 90 to 200 feet. Those depths  typically from a mile to a mile and a quarter off the beach hold fish as our most pronounced reefs end right about there as you range north and south of our inlet. And where the Kingfish, Bonito, Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo and like species come to feed they in turn attract others. Really nice Tiger Shark in the photographs with this report took a 4# Bonito bait fished on the bottom in 150 feet of water right out front of our inlet. Easy 500 pounder, catch,photo and release. Not friendly, very accustomed to having her own way as one would assume. Kenny and Joey have caught a lot of big fish with over 30 years doing this and they called me right away on this one from offshore. Definite “congratulation to crew and angler” on this surprise catch. 


           We continue to see strong numbers of those Bonito streaming up the reef line. Some good Kingfish mixed in. Picking away at the Blackfin Tunas. Some good fat Mutton Snappers on the mentioned reefs and wrecks. Scattered Sails and Mahi as expected. Good weather, good fishin’. See you on the rip

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