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Summertime warm and continued good fishing in Ft. Lauderdale

     Continued warm weather on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. A bit cooler at night now but still hovering around 90 during the daytime hours. Very little rain now and a chop that had been on the ocean has given way to essentially flat calm seas as we begin each day. Some Kings on the inside about a mile off the beach. That is if you can get through the False Albacore, Little Tunny or Bonito as we call them. They are absolutely all over the reefs here. A bit late for a blitz like this for here but they are literally everywhere and biting everything we put in front of them on our Ft. Lauderdale fishing trips. This is the time of year New Englanders are typically targeting them. If the big numbers of them offshore here are an indicator a whole lot of them will be a little late arriving up there. A slightly larger bait will discourage but not totally deter them and if you can keep that bait intact and out of their mouths they are some Sailfish around  the edges of the reef lines. Decent Mutton Snappers on structure. Mahi-Mahi in and out. One day in water 5 to 7 off, the next day they are gone. Three good Blackfins on our morning trip yesterday as Captain Matt pulled off the Bonito and Kings into only slightly deeper water (less than 300 feet deep). Wahoo got the upper hand last few trips despite our efforts to add them to the box. Please enjoy the photos of recent anglers who have joined us here aboard Marlin My Darlin.

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