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Cooler air as Fall is upon us


          I’ll footnote the cooler air as “slightly cooler air” LOL, after all this still Florida.  Just home from my annual vacation in upstate Maine where it was in the mid to upper 40s at night with one night hitting 41. “That” is certainly cooler as Fall has rolled in up there quickly. I think “Autumn” is a better fit than “Fall” in the NE. I will miss the leaves turning, hate miss it, but I also like the sand between my toes too. Headed all the way down to 80 tonight and we’ll be fishing in a high of 87 tomorrow they say. We’ll take it, beats low 90s. So here’s what is happening on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale as we step into our Fall weather and late September offshore trends.


          It is still possible to encounter big numbers of the False Albacore in the vicinity of the reefs but their numbers will continue to dwindle. They will remain a part of a typical catch, and a day here and there they will be numerous, but they are heading north for the “Autumn”. A charter spent plying the same reefs should continue to produce Kingfish activity. Good sized Wahoo like it here this time of year along with some scattered Sailfish, those for the most part now near shore as well.


          This is a good time of year to encounter better sized above the summer norm of the local favorite, the Mahi-Mahi. Less pressure, average sized fish is larger, and they begin to show more frequently a bit closer to shore now. Bait fish migration is under way with small white baits such as Sardines passing through. Small “finger” Mullet here now, some larger ones, and a lot more full sized ones to follow very shortly. Bally Hoo beginning to tighten up their range and move closer to shore in numbers. It might only be a few degrees in temperature change but our Fall fishing patterns are starting to enter the picture. The fish call the shots, we follow.  Please enjoy the photos of some of our recent anglers. Not quite sweater weather just yet, but change is underway. See you on the rip.


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