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Erratic fishing despite abundance of bait

 Fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been all over the charts with a day of reasonable action immediately followed by a day of struggling to bend the rods. There is an old cynical saying among old timers at this sport that at times “the more you go, the less you seem to know” that seems to be a perfect fit right now regarding the fluctuating catches. Decent onshore breeze that the fish typically like, reasonably clear water which the fish also usually like. Waxing moon @ 60% not perfect, but what really is. Baitfish are everywhere. Current could be a bit stronger, and we’ll go with that. Just spoke with Captain Kopper. Dozen fish this morning, hope to be on the same side of the 8 ball tomorrow.  The more you go”…….. Enjoy the pictures of some of our anglers. Tight lines and see you on the rip.

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