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Fishing in Ft. Lauderdale

   Very comfortable conditions continue here for our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale.  Minimal wind has made for pleasant sea conditions offshore. Slight current has made bottom fishing a viable option as we can make precise positioning presentations and therefor accurate placement of our baits on wrecks. Included among the photos in this report are some photos of  wreck caught fish. Trolling in the vicinity continues to produce summer Kingfish, Blackfin Tunas along with Bonito and some large Barracudas. The larger Cudas are a fish we once took for granted but their numbers fell the last several years. Actively managed now with size limits and size restrictions ( we release most anyway) as we have mentioned in previous reports have succeeded and has got their numbers doing much better. Some Sailfish around as well as we have seen them, drawn bites and caught them while trolling those same areas. For hose who enjoy fishing for sharks Sandbar Sharks, Hammerheads and some Bull Sharks are around. Very large Bull for us this week on a skinny water wreck while targeting Groupers. We were very much out gunned as she took a live bait fished on Grouper tackle, but held on for a hard fought catch and release. 500+ and an even larger one followed her up off the bottom to the boat. Bull Sharks seem to us to be very intelligent, and that is a consensus among all of us here @ Marlin my Darlin gleaned from dacades of experience. We’ll give her about a week and then try her again with a slightly different presentation ( and heavier tackle) to test her memory. Catch and release gives the opportunity to catch her again, but she will be leery, they really are quite intelligent, but as we all know everybody has to eat. Here’s hoping she is good and hungry and can’t resist. Maybe get lucky and draw a bite from that even larger one. It;s a pretty good ride to the wreck she owns so we will work our way there targeting the other available species. See you on the rip, tight lines. JJ

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