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Early August fishing in Fort Lauderdale

 And here we are, August. Blink twice and she’ll be gone with the earlier summer months. As we have often said “time flies”, and it certainly is again flying by. Fishing has been consistent with again a very mixed bag, so we will add “and having fun’ to “time flies”. Loads of kids joining us aboard our 46 and 53 foot Marlin My Darlin boats for a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale. Our anglers have actually been a mixed bag too, with adults young and old spending time with us. Most charters continue to focus on areas within two miles of shore as that area almost certainly provides dependable action. Every day is different, but x often marks the spot. And kids more than any others, thrive on action. The pictures with this article of recent anglers young and old tell the story. Good weather, good fishing, good memories. Bring the kids. Tight lines, see you on that big beautiful ocean right in our backyard.

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