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We continue to experience good fishing conditions and catches on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. Deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale in mid August typically offers quite a bit of action for our anglers and this August has been unfolding as expected, and the August weather has been very pleasant. Our two Marlin My Darlin boats continue to work the edges of the reefs and consistently bend the rods. Those reef line edges are yielding some nice Kings and numerous Bonito (Little Tunny). Trolling back and forth across those areas has also produced some Sailfish. This is not to be compared to the high numbers of Sailfish here in the winter months, but there are some sails around and they are good
sized fish. Also seeing some nice Blackfin Tunas along the edges and just off the reef line. Wrecks yielding occasional Grouper with decent chances at some fully grown Amberjacks. Always a welcomed chance for a Wahoo and we have that nice Wahoo picture included with the other pictures with this
report. As you can see by the photos the catching has been good. Good number of Sharks around and a really nice and not at all common Tiger yesterday, and a truly good one at that,coming in at around ten
feet in length. Book an all day and the Mahi-Mahi can be a good target species. Enjoy the pictures of recent anglers and fish, See you offshore.

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