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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

We continue to enjoy very nice pleasant days on the water as once again so much of the country gets mugged with winter systems and far from ideal January weather conditions. I’m sure we’ll get some winter (South Florida style) weather before the Fall, and we’ll enjoy the warm days (83 today, 71 tomorrow and then back up to 78 on Sunday). All of us here on both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts try for some continuity with the catches, and that has not been easy. There are once again some fine fish around, but not every day. We , meaning myself and certainly most of the captains in the fleet, feel some change in this postcard perfect weather would be a plus. A couple of good strong frontal systems with enough horsepower to push through all of Florida without getting bogged down along the way as has been happening this winter would be welcome. That from a fisherman’s perspective, not a lay out on the beach sun and sand viewpoint. Let her blow a bit, put an extra layer on and lets see what happens. A couple of good fronts would work nicely. Don’t hate me, I know the very moderate winter weather here is huge plus when you load up and come south, but we could use some nasty. There are good fish to be fought as you can see by the photos of recent anglers, but not every day. We want every day, just like you.

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