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Improving catches on fishing charters in Ft Lauderdale

Pleased to report that the catches have been again better here on our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale. Some nice fish, and more fish around. As you see pictured Wahoo, Kings, Jacks, Tunas with Bonito mixed in, and Sharks. Everything happening in 400 feet of water or less. That’s within two miles of shore here. Weather continues to be so very wonderful when compared to virtually everywhere else in the country. Some showers this afternoon, a front pushing through will bring some wind. And we  are ready for the wind. As I spoke fishing has improved, but the Sailfish continue to puzzle all. We are happy with catches, and notice that Mako Shark. Good fun, good fish for sure and a special fish. That aside back to what is missing. It is “supposed” to be high season for the Sails. This front is dragging down, coming slowly, this is fine by us. Looking at several days of northerly winds in the forecast. Good breeze but certainly very fishable, especially as that direction of wind pops the sails up on the surface if (and it is) the current is north. And and a big AND for sure is the Sails themselves we are all wishing for.. Everybody will be watching the swells and certainly armed and dangerous. Ready and waiting, they will come, they always do, but late, very late this year. Tight lines, see you on the rip.

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