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Fort Lauderdale fishing charter report mid April

April has unfolded as a much anticipated improvement in the catches on our fishing trips in Fort Lauderdale. April has traditionally been a good month for fishing here and the catching is much improved on those Fort Lauderdale fishing charters. Blackfin Tunas mostly just outside of the reefs. Kingfishing has improved over those reefs and some larger Bonito again in the mix on and just off that reef line as well. Sailfishing has improved and if you follow us on Facebook you have seen some very nice ones caught and released on both morning and afternoon charters. Some Wahoo activity possible in the vicinity of wrecks both on and off the edge and as also expected on current edges. Nice Amberjacks on the wrecks, and Grouper season is right around the corner. Mahi-Mahi beginning to show and we are so ready for that. All manner of good sized Sharks now. A single brief front since our last report with basically stellar weather every day. So the fishing has improved. As always there are off days but those days are fewer now. Enjoy the photos of recent anglers, all kids, so bring the kids. Lots of photos, lots of kids. You’ve seen some of these on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, these fishing reports go many places. More kids next report. Quite busy now, fishing regularly. Always reach me direct on my cell @ 94-778-8173 for accurate availability, any questions , and all reservations. See you on the rip, JJ

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