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Fort Lauderdale fishing update

We continue to have a good number of anglers for our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale. Weather has been very nice with the exception of a small front which passed thru quickly mid afternoon yesterday. Nothing but blue sky today despite the weather whizzes calling for “possible” 50 % showers coming in. A couple of Sailfish out of three chances this morning but overall the fishing was off  today, a continuation of yesterday. Despite crystal clear clean blue water pushing well inside the reefs the what has been a good bite along and just beyond the reefs slowed yesterday. Current is very strong to the north with the moon and would seem to be a contributing factor. We often fish much closer in when that current is cooking along as it is (within a mile of shore today), but the fish can be anywhere as most of us understand. April and May are traditionally good months for fishing here. Some Sails, Mahi, Kings and Wahoo always a possibility. Jacks and some Groupers on the wrecks. Swordfish around but always keep in mind they certainly aren’t a sure thing. We are ready if you are ready. If some Mahi -Mahi aren’t encountered out there traveling to or from those Swordfish areas swinging for the fences so to speak can be a long day. Looking to bend the rods with various species a charter along the reef lines and inside the continental shelf offers chances for more happy endings, especially with kids. Enjoy the photos of recent anglers who have joined us here on a fishing charter in Ft. Lauderdale.


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