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Fishing report Ft. Lauderdale 3rd week of May

Happy to report here that the deep sea fishing in Fort Lauderdale has been productive for many species. Always nice to have a positive and strong Fort Lauderdale fishing report. Many good days now far outnumbering the difficult ones on the water and the oh so erratic fishing we dealt with in the beginning of the year is at least for now far behind us. Weather is stellar, sunny and 3 to 4 degrees below typical temperatures for this time of year for several days now. Pretty wicked wind several days back has ended and the good fishing that often accompanies those winds has continued, and here’s what we have been catching.

A nice steady pick at the Sails all week, good Jacks on the wrecks, and those Jacks holding on wrecks near the inlet so travel time has been typically been short from spot to spot. Some welcomed school sized Mahi-Mahi action with an occasional larger fish. All sizes of Blackfin Tunas during this past week and some good Kingfish action along the reefs. Good sized Barracudas and sharks continue their rebound likely directly attributed to effective government managment anywhere from the reefs  on out to 400 feet of water, which is less than two miles off the beach and where most of all species catches are presently taking place. There are Mahi much deeper but we have found the schools of them in 600 feet and less of water depth which is still quite close to shore. No Wahoo for us despite a couple of good cracks at them, and no Groupers either for us with the Jacks eating the live baits and also the dead baits we fish on wrecks where they both frequent. June and July have been traditionally when we see the big Warsaw Groupers on the deeper wrecks and we always look forward to those months offering up some of those big boys. Enjoy the pictures as always included in our reports of recent anglers. Boats are running well, everyone is healthy and the fishing is good. JJ direct @ 94-778-8173 for accurate availability and all reservations. See you on the rip.

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