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Mid summer / end of June Ft. Lauderdale fishing report

Decent fishing and reasonable weather, and there goes June. Happy 4th of July weekend to everyone. About the fishing:

Most every day continues as before offering good action along the deeper reef lines. That deeper of our “continuous” reef lines follows essentially parallel to the coast and presenting baits on top of it , just inside and just beyond it have given the best results. Daytime inside of that reef unless on a specific “spot’ is slower likely in part affected by the higher summer water temps. Kingfish, Tunas, Bonitos ( False Albacore), some Sailfish and Wahoo, but not everyday for those Sails or Wahoo. We have had some Mahi-Mahi in deeper water off that reefs edge. Jacks on the deeper wrecks, some of which are Almocos which aren’t bad for supper. Some folks pass on them, but all 7 of us here enjoy them when a charter leaves us one, and we obviously have access to everything that swims here. So there is good action and that action remains within a mile or two of the beach. Really big Cudas around, especially on some of the wrecks. Muskie fishermen ( and women anglers) from up north very much enjoy them and the similarities between the “Great Barracuda” here ( much larger and somewhat different than the Pacific Barracuda) and those northern cousins. Catch photo and release the Cudas here(all seven of us here agree, don’t eat that one). Enjoy the pics of anglers.Take care, be safe and my cell direct @ 954-778-8173 for real time accurate availability, question s, and all reservations. See you on the rip.

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