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Strong near shore action

Along the edges of what we term the “3rd” reef continues to provide action for our anglers and both boats have been concentrating their efforts along that reef line and just beyond it’s edges for our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters.. Trips to the deeper water and out into the daytime Swordfish grounds and beyond have resulted in some Mahi-Mahi, but they have been small with many “shorts” which we of course throw back. So the reef line and the abundance of bait there has been our choice of areas to search out fish. Decent numbers of Kings, that pictured one weighed 37#. Blackfin Tunas, Bonito, Blackfin Tunas id there as well. Occasional Sail and Wahoo are pictured as well. Jacks on the wrecks as pictured and some Sharks continue in the area. Weather has been decent and warm, but not frightfully so, and peaked @ 89 today. Looking at the same for tomorrow and then a couple of degrees lower for an upcoming couple of days. Plenty warmer in many other places, and the breeze off the ocean is why we live here. Bring the kids, summer is slipping away.

See you on the edge, JJ


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