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Thanksgiving Ft. Lauderdale fishing report

Three quarters of the way through November already. We hope everyone had a pleasant weekend and my family as well as yours looks forward to Thanksgiving. Our kids are coming in and we will be having the traditional turkey for dinner, not fish as some might suppose. But fish would be a viable option as the fishing the last several days has yielded some good catches. So we’ll have fish another day , and that fish will probably be Mahi-Mahi as anglers have been kind enough to leave us some , and they have been offshore and close to shore at that. Those Mahi have been near shore because it has been breezy, and with the wind comes what often translates happily into a much smaller playing field so to speak as everything (bait, fish and blue water) gets pressed in along the edge.  Easier for us to find the bait, and finding the bait as most fishermen know can dramatically increase the catch. So good catches of  Mahi, some Sails, Kings, a couple of Wahoo recently. Not postcard days as it has been choppy, and throw in some showers, but it is November, expected, and our boats are large and comfortable, and we have rain gear, which has been in use. Not good beach days for sure, but days that south Florida fishermen know often result in some fine fishing. Enjoy the photos of recent anglers of all sizes and their fish also of all sizes. See you on the rip.




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