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Fort Lauderdale fishing report mid January

By January 21, 2022January 27th, 2022Fishing Reports

We continue to enjoy warm and pleasant weather here on the vast majority of these rapidly dwindling January days. With such great weather we would hope that the catching on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale would be a bit more steady but catches have fluctuated widely recently between some very nice fish and then a very tough day offshore coming in right behind that. What we seem to need to happen here to boost  the fishing would be some cooler ( if not even cold) weather to shake things up. This is a shared opinion among other anglers and captains and not ours alone. So we as charter operators (and some private boat owners as well) are pulling for colder weather. Crappy weather to Sunday boaters and beach worshipers. If you could ask a fish and get them to answer it would likely be the opposite, say two thumbs up. Get some more fish moving and some wind to compress them nearer shore and along the outside reef edge. Shorten the playing field so to speak. So here’s to cold weather and more wind, sounds nuts to all but fishermen. So some nice fish but also fewer fish right now. 100% from us each and every day whatever the fish and weather provide. Enjoy the photos of anglers who have joined us here @ Marlin My Darlin Sportfishing. JJ


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