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Good fishing action, but here comes Mother Nature.

Pretty good action and catches since our last fishing report. Decent sized Kingfish are in the areas of our fishing charters in Ft. Lauderdale and we have caught them most every trip. Really good Blackfin Tunas have hit the ice and we have had some anglers leave a fish or two and enjoyed the opportunity to have some tuna on the dinner plate ourselves. Some Wahoos and snappers have also made their way aboard and to the filet tables. Lots of what we call summer Bonitos, which are thickest in July and into August are numerous and right out front the last two days. Some Sails, Sharks, Amberjacks and Mahi in the catches. Backside of and beyond the peak of Sailfish season, but some around. Tropical disturbance heading into South Florida and essentially no forecasters calling for much intensification before it gets here Sunday, It likely won’t even reach Tropical storm status. So not much wind but enough to shut us down for a forced weekend vacation. The lack of concerning wind speeds is trumped by what is forecast to be a major rain event. Downright dismal this afternoon, likely downright ridiculous amount of rain tomorrow. Lots of bites the last two days and it was fun in the sun.. Not all palm trees and bikinis the next two days, more like engine rooms bathed in fluorescent lights and assorted below deck maintenance and interior areas maintenance. No fun, no sun, no bikinis. Still have the palm trees though quite wet, tuna for dinner, and we are looking forward to Monday offshore.  Enjoy the pics of some of our anglers.

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