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Fishing report Ft. Lauderdale

This will be a quick fishing report for Ft. Lauderdale as I post this 4th of July. Burgers are about ready to grill and never wise to keep the other half waiting as we all know. So Happy 4th to all and here we go. We have been blessed with good weather here with the last couple of days with a pleasant onshore wind. Summertime fish like an onshore wind. Nice school sized Kings frequenting the reef lines and Bonitos and good sized Barracudas in there with them. Blackfin Tunas also there but mostly just slightly deeper as one would expect for summer months. For shark fishers they have been in the area regularly out in the deep water and also up on and between the reefs. Scattered Mahi, Wahoo and occasional Sail. Overall pretty good chances for success most every day. So into July we go, warm but not ridiculously so, and doing what we love. Fishing. Enjoy the photos of some of our anglers, trying hard to get most everybody in print. Red, White and Blue forever. Enjoy your 4th and every day. JJ

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