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Ft. Lauderdale fishing report

Making our way deep into July now here in Ft. Lauderdale. Fishing charters are now firmly entrenched in the typical summertime patterns, that not being only fishing but the weather patterns as well. Pleased to say we have been enjoying reasonable fishing and also reasonable weather on most days. Summer brings more pleasant sea conditions on a typical day than winter days. We do see some rain, we are tropical here, but usually scattered and does not interrupt our days on the water. There is a large disparity of the rain experienced on the inland areas of the state and our offshore conditions. Inshore areas out west get it regularly, but we do get some too. The A/C and leather inside our cabin not only serves to shake the sun for a minute but also to duck in and shake the occasional shower too. Action along the reef lines continues to produce Kingfish, Bonito and Tunas. Some Sailfish along those areas as well and we have had Wahoo too. Amazing numbers of Barracuda as of late, likely due to the recent regulations of strict management of them. The vast majority of those (as well as Sailfish and Sharks) are caught, photographed, and released. Some of these fish have measured out quite large. Some Mahi-Mahi, Snappers, Amberjack, and Almoco Jacks on the wrecks and structure. Please enjoy the pictures of some of our anglers. Reach us direct for all inquiries regarding accurate availability, questions and reservations directly @ 954-778-8173

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