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Action along the reefs edges

Spending time alongside and up upon the edges of the deeper reefs is often a choice that results in a good number of bites from various species when on a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale and also other areas along the Gold Coast as well. Reefs and structure hold bait fish and that in turn attract larger predatory fish and as many a fisherman is aware. This has always been fact, and always will be. In attempting to draw a maximum amount of bites these areas can hold numerous species of fish. Working down the reef lines in expanded oblong circles allows coverage of both sides of the reef and also across the top of the reef line. Deeply fished lines , one long and one not quite as long, shine here. Always turning to the longer line side allows bait to vary depths and speed in those turns, drawing bites without ever touching the reel’s gear to “drop’ a bait deeper unless you choose to do just that to really sink the bait. Coming out of a turn also accelerates and raises the bait in the water column. Also turning in the same direction toward the deeper line keeps those lines clear of one another. So when one sees a boat going in circles don’t assume the operator to necessarily be under the influence, but more likely to be working an area such as a reef or structure or attempting to stay on top of a school of fish. So we ourselves chose right as opposed to NASCAR left. Enjoy the photos of some of our anglers. A lot of these fish ( with the exception of the bottom fish taken by position fishing) bit in the midst of those turning right circles at those mentioned reef lines. Tight lines, good fishing, get the kids out there on the water.


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