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Ft. Lauderdale / Pompano Beach fishing charter report

Been a while since our last report and I apologize for the gap between our posts. My wife and I just got back in Ft. Lauderdale from a getaway to Maine. We enjoyed ourselves up there in the NE, fished some of course, enjoyed the amazing beauty and the never gets old changing of the  leaves. Boats fished steadily and ran basically seamlessly. Captains Matt, Kenny and Tommy along with 1st Mates Joey, Andrew, Cameron and Matt hardly bugged me at all, actually asked why I can back so soon. Ha, “The Boys”. So very very fortunate that hurricane Ian spared us here in Southeast Florida, so sad the devastation just two short hours away by car over on the gulf side of the state and we were virtually unscathed. We have had some nice fish since the last fishing report. As always a lump or two in the road at times but overall this report as the last one is positive. Kings, Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, some Wahoo, Jacks and snappers and some very large Barracudas and sharks. The great Bonito (False Albacore) run has as expected tapered off  but some good Blackfin Tunas around. Posted one this morning on Facebook and Instagram that was north of 25 pushing 30#. Sailfish again today as yesterday and some Mahi-Mahi back in the picture also today. Please bring the kids (and Grandkids as today) and reach me directly with questions and all reservations @ 954-778-8173. Enjoy the photos of some of our anglers that have joined us aboard our Marlin My Darlin 46 & 53′ Hatteras boats for a fishing trip in Ft. Lauderdale.

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