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Deep sea fishing Ft. Lauderdale fishing report

Ft. Lauderdale has set new records for heat lately. Not ridiculously hot, just warmer than on record. Visitors in town lovin it, us not quite so much., but certainly not complaining. Breeze up last couple of days and with this latest breeze the fishing has Finally picked up . Notice the capital “F” in Finally, that is not a typo. We have caught some fine fish the past week and we have also mightily struggled on other days. Six hour charter Wednesday without a fish making it successfully to the boat. That was brutally tough fishing. Charter had been down that road before in their fishing history and were a great fun bunch. And Thankfully so. Another capital letter there mid sentence. So as I mentioned some catches with Sailfish, Wahoo, Kings, large Amberjacks, large and small Sharks throughout the week.  But now this morning, grey and breezy, not the postcard perfect day. . Boats just got in. Couple of Sails, Giant Hammerhead, Nice Amberjacks taken off wrecks, a Genuine Red Snapper, Yelloweye Snapper. Boats off the dock now for the afternoon charter. Deep sea fishing in FT. Lauderdale or fishing anywhere sometimes comes down to you never know until you go. Enjoy the photos of some of the anglers who have joined us here, and we have fun here no matter if the fishing is good, bad or ugly. Or exceptional, as this morning.  As the 1st captain I worked for here in Ft. Lauderdale over 40 years ago said to me (Bill Timms was his name, relocated here in FT. Lauderdale due to the cold winters on the Chesapeake Bay and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware). “You like what we’re doin here, fishin most every day?” My answer was “Yessir”, to which he replied “Good (he liked me), remember there are good days and bad days, just some more memorable than others”, now get after it”. Capt JJ direct @ 954-778-8173. No need to push the “chat” button, rings directly to me.

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