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Ft Lauderdale fishing report Marlin My Darlin

As we move through February we continue to see similar trends as the last month also with the continuing recent trend of warmer days not typically experienced in February. We think of February as “cooler”in South Florida, many up the line think of it as downright cold. Well the “cooler” here on our fishing charters in FT. Lauderdale as of late most likely will feature a high into the 80s if not mid 80s. And dry, day after day. One very major rain event a couple of weeks back a memory and now you better be up early now to catch a glimpse of dew because it will quickly be gone. Summertime amounts of sunscreen and  away we go. Most days have quite comfortable sea conditions but with the occasional choppy day that comes every February. Some days the fish cooperate (especially the Tunas and Jacks), and other days they continue to rub our noses and everybody else’s in the dirt. We have had some very nice fish if you follow us and we have had again the slim pickin days we try so hard to avoid. Sailfish catches over the weekend followed by a vanishing act. Searching one day wondering what you might have learned over 40+ years at this and then the Cadillac trip the next day with bending rods and reels humming.  February fishing has always been all over the charts. Some of that cold not cooler weather of  February’s past would be welcomed from a fisherman’s perspective. Decent Tuna bite yesterday afternoon, here’s hoping for two in a row. Enjoy the photos we are posting with this report of some of our recent anglers. Good fish out there, just not every day, and we are fishing every day and enjoying the hunt. Thick or thin we love what we do. See you on the rip.


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