Customer Testimonials


I have told everyone I know, what a great captain you are! Hope you are as good a photographer! I did not get a photo of Ryans sailfish catch on Monday…please tell me you did! If so, please send it to my email, or place on facebook, we are “friends” on facebook.

Thanks for a great time.  We will be returning in Jan/Feb and will see you upon our return.

Bob M


Thanks again to Chris and yourself for an enjoyable trip.  Joe and I both had a lot of fun.  I hope to be back for sails & swords !



Thanks for a great mornings fishing. Ill definitely come back again. Here is the photo.

Many thanks,


December 2010 – Len, Benjamin, and Michael decided to put their experience on YouTube

Chris and I had great day with you and Mike the mate. It’s the second time in two weeks we have been out with and both were productive fishing trips.

Must admit the second trip was really a winner, we went home with about 25 pounds of filet.

Your boat is always immaculate, even while fishing Mike kept the deck clean and washed down the deck after every catch.  Chris and I both thank you and would not hesitate to recommend you to all who ask

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Thanks Captain JJ and Chris for a great trip! We are enjoying the delicious mahi mahi, and look forward to going again sometime.


Eve & Monty P.


This is William and Lisa.  We went on a trip with Capt. Steve and Andrew 9-16-09 along with 2 of my friends.  Capt. Steve said he wanted some pictures so here they are.  We all had a great time and Steve and Andrew were awesome.  When we come back, we will definitely come to you guys.  Thanks a whole lot for the first time experience and our dinner 🙂


I have to say, after growing up fishing the Gulf of Mexico for over 20 years, I was impressed with you, Steve, and Andrew.  You guys definitely run a top notch boat with extreme focus on customer service.  After going out on one of your competitor’s boats, you definitely set the standard on the waterfront for the industry down there and from now on I would expect nothing less than what you and your crew did for us.  It was a blast.  Included is the only picture I could snap of the sail we caught before he let himself go, Andy was so excited so I wanted to make sure I send it to you.

Thank you for a trophy lifetime experience!

Saturday, Feb 21, 09

Hi JJ, Our fishing party with Marlin My Darlin was a huge success, and everyone in the party had a great time.  Thank you.  Attached are a few pictures of our catch, which Steve said you might be interested in seeing.  Thanks again for a great time.

Thanks to Captain Steve and First Mate Chris for a great day fishing on

September 5, 2007.  The crew was very professional and courteous and

couldn’t have been more accommodating. I had a great time on your boat.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here is a picture I took on our fishing trip last Thursday morning, 2/28.   It was a blast!  Thanks,  Kent

Bring it on.  I’m looking for some sails after the first of the year.  We had a great time in August.   Jim

Hey captain-

My family still talks about our trip from July with excitement and laughs. We look forward to sailing with you again. Literally, for we’ll be back again in July.   Art


Thanks for the fun time we had on our recent fishing trip with you and Tom.  You were both great to work with and made our trip enjoyable.  Bonus that we actually caught some fish too!  We attached some of our photos.  Brian and Linda

Hello Capt Steve and Tommy

Here is a picture… I don’t think I ever sent these to you. I have others

of the smaller fish if you are interested. He still talks about this –

particularly to the Grandpas who have never caught such a thing yet. I

think we will get Grandpa out on your boat next time. Thanks again for a

great time.

Shelly (Quinn’s Mom)

“First thing we did was catch the bait. I thought that was the most surprising part. I caught two lizardfish that could open their months 180 degrees, but we had to let them go. We also caught some fish to use as bait. We set the bait as three depths. There was bait on top, twenty-five feet below the water and fifty feet below the water. I thought we were going to get the bite on the hook fifty feet below the water, but I was wrong. We got the bite on the bait on the top of the water. When the captain’s assistant said that we got a bite, I was so excited. I got the first turn to reel it in; it took twenty-five minutes to get one shark in and four people to reel it in. The captain’s assistant had to use Kevlar gloves to lift the shark out of the water, but the coolest part was to see the shark’s dorsal fin slip beneath the water when we let it go.”

Thanks for a great first time sea fishing experience! My father and girls could not stop talking about how much fun they had and want to plan our next trip already.  Enclosed are some pictures we took…

Thanks and you will definitely hear from us again!


Hi All!  Thanks for a great day! Attached are a couple of pictures from our fishing trip last week.

Wendy and Neil

Had a great morning on Saturday with you guys!  Weather was perfect and you guys were great.  Tell Louis thank you also. Fish weren’t too cooperative but we managed a few right?  LOL  Here’s a pic of the girls!  They loved it. Will tell my friends about you. Thanks again guys,   Pete

This was a very sweet trip, Captain Steve was on them all day. Look forward to the next.

John W.

Here are some choice photos from the trip. Thank you so very much for creating an unforgettable experience. We had a blast!


Great trip!

Thanks, Michael


 Thanks so much for a wonderful fishing trip. We had an excellent time.


My brother and I just returned from a morning on the Marlin My Darlin’

 With Steve and Tom… and I have to say it was a truly great day!  A wonderful

 crew, great guys, and a beautiful day on the water catching sailfish and

 others.  You folks have a fine operation going and we could not be happier

 with the experience……  even if his sailfish was bigger than mine by

 maybe, oh, I don’t know, an inch or two……   🙂

 Thank you, gentlemen, for a truly great time with my brother!

Gregg (and JJ)


   Hoooah! My brothers, Mike, Vince, Jim, Kevin, and myself had a magnificent time on your beautiful boat. The crew, Steve and Chris were outstanding. (Thank you Chris for making sure I didn’t lose any fingers.) Well, I am attaching a few pics of Vinnie and his sail fish. You can be guaranteed that we will recommend you to all of our extended family and friends. Looking forward to seeing you in the future… Oh by the way, the fish tasted wonderful…even cooked….Chris, you the man!


SSG Joe “Can I Pet The Fish”

My brother and I fished with you on Saturday morning, we caught two
Sails and landed the Jewfish.   Attached are some pictures from the trip.
Thanks we had a great day and we should get our trophies in a few
months.    Scott D.

Well I had a great time fishing with ya’ll, finally no wind or rain.  Just
wanted to e-mail ya’ll the pictures of the trip.  My son had a great time
on the water. Thanks for the hospitality.  Look forward to our Swordfish
trip. Thank you, Joe

I was fortunate enough to spend the day with Capt. JJ not too long ago. I had a client of mine in from Boston and we had a great day on the water, caught some nice fish including one really nice Dolphin that my client had mounted.  Capt. JJ and the crew were really great and I am certainly looking forward to my next trip!

 Best regards,



Two friends and I took your charter fishing on Oct. 11 and had the time of our lives with your boat and crew. I have your business card & carry it with me.

Steve told me to email you for pictures that he took that day. I would greatly appreciate it to share memories with friends and family. It was only the second time I’ve been ocean fishing and I’ll never go without a camera again. You just never know what you’re going to hook on to.

Thanks, Floyd