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Ft. Lauderdale Fishing Sailfish

Quite a few people in town now and we have had a good number of out of town visitors trying their hand at Ft. Lauderdale fishing. Sailfish are of course on many a fish list and there have been a few around. We still have the warm days and bright sunny days, but an onshore breeze has given us some chances at Sailfish. We have clear blue water all the way inside the reefs and a decent north current. The Sails have been inside of 170 feet of water just outside the reef line. While we have been doing quite a bit of live baiting with the kites we have also been fishing quite a few of those small live Bonito again as there are large numbers of them here We have been fishing them with a short wire trace as Wahoo love these baits a swell as the Sails and bigger Kings. Pictured is Dan who was in town visiting from Charlotte, NC. This fish took one of those Bonitos. We like live baiting with the small Bonito as we can move around much easier than when kite fishing. The added mobility lets us move back and forth across the reef and with three Bonito fished on the surface at different lengths behind the boat and a fourth one fished typically sixty feet below the surface on a downrigger if there are fish around they get a lot of attention from all sorts of fish, quite often Sailfish.

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