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Ft. Lauderdale fishing Wahoo Deja Vu

We have spoke often here recently about the number of Wahoo available on our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters. Sails remain scattered on most days, Kings are erratic and Mahi in and out. Some good days and some tough ones. But it has and continues to be an exceptional Winter so far for the Wahoo and they keep hitting the fish box with regularity. Here is a super sized one caught aboard the Marlin My Darlin. Took a surface bait fished on a Shimano TLD 25. Beautiful South Florida day. Warm, sunny and a gentle sea. This fish was actually a wedding present, and here?s the story.
I was contacted by Emma S (now the former Emma ?S?) about an offshore fishing trip. We had a couple of great conversations, figured we were a good fit, and she booked us for her party. Her wedding party as well as a fishing party. I saw a placard once that read ?marriages performed at sea by the Captain are good for the duration of the voyage?. Not this one. This one was the real deal. And the ceremony was administered by the real deal, not us. They wanted a ceremony at sea as they are boaters, and this was our 1st wedding aboard. They had to cancel us at one time a week before their charter as they expanded to more than our six person maximum. Sad all around, and then Emma called a couple of days later ?put us back on we?re sticking with you guys, trimmed it to 6?. Great trip. Picked them up @ the dock @ their house, headed out, I DO!!, and there?s that big Wahoo that ate that surface Bonito strip a short while later. Now that?s a really nice fish added to a very memorable and special day for all involved.

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