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Fort Lauderdale fishing / Summer trips

Summer is very much here in South Florida and our Fort Lauderdale fishing trip?s catches are reflecting the change of season. Temps coming up on the upper 80s now. Essentially past are the days when we are constantly on the lookout for Sailfish. Be sure we will still be aware of the chance at Sails but the days of Winter are behind us now. Kings and Mahi-Mahi are our focus for most trips unless asked otherwise. Bonito and Blackfin Tunas biting on many days. Shark fishing remains good for those looking for a big fish as the larger ones are still coming through. Grey and Golden Tilefishing on the bottom where we usually shark fish has been fair to good as well.
Bright skies and little rain as of late. Sea conditions remain very fishable with slight to moderate onshore winds keeping it a bit cooler offshore. Really clean water continues to push up on the reef.
Pictured are Pete, Garret, Emma and Lisa who joined us aboard Marlin My Darlin. Time to load up on the sunscreen and a hat. We have the A/C units fired up.That summer sun is here.

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