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Ft. Lauderdale fishing trips offshore offering Mahi-Mahi

More and more good sized Mahi-Mahi are showing up offshore in the areas of our Ft. Lauderdale fishing trips. These fish continue to move relatively fast through the area and they would seem to be primarily pursuing schools of Flying Fish as we noted before. Pictured is Richard with a nice just landed fish with 1st mate Brian.
A bit more wind again the last couple of days making for a slightly higher sea for our fishermen. But still very fishable. These onshore winds really blow a lot of seaweed up on edges and rips so there are a lot of interesting areas offshore holding the weeds. And if the weeds are holding bait there are often Mahi right there as well. These Flying fish that really have the attention of the Mahi can be anywhere but many offshore current edges no matter how slight and possibly holding only very few weeds or even weedless are harboring schools of these flyers. This can be fun and exciting fishing when these conditions exist. Staying focused on the surroundings can pay off big.
Plenty of sun still with no rain offshore on us now for several days, but there is rain and more wind in the forecast. Good northern flow in the Gulfstream and plenty of weeds in crystal clear water offshore.
Inshore catches include some good sized Kings and Blackfin Tuna. Numerous Bonito still happy to grab a bait and those bigger Sharks are still biting (smaller ones as well). Water clarity is fluctuating wildly from day to day on the reefs inshore and this time of year we really don?t mind a bit of green as long as it doesn?t get too discolored. If you choose to fish inshore on the reefs the slightly off color water will often improve the Kingfish bite, and as we have previously noted, some are fatties.Tight lines and good fishing. JJ

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