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Mixed bag on the edge for Ft Lauderdale fishing charters

Our weather has returned to bright and sunny days and the temperature is pushing into the upper 80s. We have the A/C units running for those that want to duck inside the salon on the Marlin My Darlin to get a break from the sun and cool down. Warm Winter and it looks like a warm Summer is in the cards as well. On our charters we have wandered off the edge several times this past week and have found some Mahi- Mahi on the edges and around weed patches but they remain for us to be smaller fish. A couple of good ones for our Ft Lauderdale fishing charter groups but mostly smaller fish. There are some big Mahi being taken but they are few in numbers. We did find a couple of 15 to 18 pound Wahoo out in 800 feet on a edge. Tons of weeds offshore right now and some patches are huge (as in the size of a football field).
The steady and most dependable fishing has been inshore on the edge for us with the Kings, Tuna and Bonito providing the most action. Sailfish in with the other fish on the edge and also scattered offshore in the deeper water. Swordfish are biting well during the day and also at night. These are expensive charters due to fuel costs but now is a good time to book a charter as the bite has been pretty strong. Very good chance for a successful trip for them right now. We are so ready for an offshore run at these fish, but our charters have been half and ? days.
Pictured are Ken, Jennifer, Tony, Jim and Mark with a nice mixed bag of action caught along the edge in essentially 120 feet of water.

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