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Fishing in Ft. Lauderdale near shore

Fishing in Ft. Lauderdale has essentially meant once again staying near shore ( on and around those outer reefs) if you are looking for the best action. We continue to monitor action out in the deep ( we love to go) and in the Gulfstream for Mahi-Mahi but that action has been very scattered at best. Once again a probable long ride offshore with hopes high resulting in few Mahi, with many of them under the Federal size limit and therefore being released back into the ocean. We did try them a couple of times and did manage keeper sized fish each time, but sending 50 to 75 % of the Mahi back over the side. Chris and Brian did put Walter P. out of Washington State and his group on a Blue Marlin, certainly a really good and welcomed catch, and it also seems as though we do get a crack at a Sailfish almost every Gulfstream trip, the near shore action remains stronger and a better choice for charter fishing. It could change tomorrow, but as for now those Mahi are very scattered at best. We found a floating pallet 14 miles off loaded with bait and fat Tripletails we thought would surely yield a few Wahoo. Enen though the Tripletails were welcome they were no Hoos nor Mahi there. The Mahi seem to be often on the move and really not holding on floating objects as much as we would hope in July. Find the birds on the moving fish and things get better quickly. Hopefully they have a little size to them.
Pictured is young Sawyer with the largest King on our last charter. One of 5 or 6 Kings caught on the trip. Add in about as many Bonito, 4 or 5 Cudas and a lone but decent sized Mahi right up on top of the reef with the Kings and Bonito. Reasonably good action with no showers and strong south current right out front on those reefs a mile off the beach switching to north half way through the trip

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