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Wahoo fishing in Ft Lauderdale

Fishing in Ft. Lauderdale in August, especially on the moon, offers opportunities at a very welcome and special fish as the one pictured here aboard the Marlin My Darlin. And that fish is the Wahoo. We catch them in the summer offshore around floating objects and edges as we have said in earlier reports, but August often has really nice fish right up @ the reef line only a mile or so off the beach.
Fish them anyway you wish, live bait from the riggers or the kites, trolling, deep jigs. We prefer trolling for them in August, and this is a month we specifically will target them on at least a portion of most charters as opposed to ?incidentally? catching them when just fishing for most anything that comes along, which is a type of approach we utilize often charter fishing in order to try to maximize the catch, all species welcome, and ?bend the rod? so to speak.
Deep fished lines get a lot of attention from these speedsters. A long surface fished trolling line gets its share. A large lure fished right in the wake in quite close scores as well. I like a quiet one, pointed head, and fished as a flat line. And try pitching a frisky lve bait out behind the Wahoo you have on your line when he gets close to the boat if you have the manpower for another rod. The Wahoo follow up (as in Mahi-Mahi) a hooked fish, they just don?t lay right @ the surface like those Mahi followers do and look pretty for that Kodak moment. But chances are he?s back there, a little deeper and hungry. Don?t forget the short piece of wire leader or chances are he?ll break your heart. Tight lines.

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