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Ft Lauderdale fishing mid February 2015

By February 1, 2015May 26th, 2017Forecasts

As we begin the third week of February we find ourselves once again experiencing erratic fishing. The colder air we were all hoping for and then happily greeted did push some Sailfish and Mahi into the area,we picked away at them, and now it has once again slowed. Rusty with a nice Sail in the picture and there was another for Lacy his wife. We have managed some of those Mahi-Mahi as they come through in small bunches as expected, but we wish there would be more. A few Kings and an occasional Wahoo. As it is in fishing lately we have had some good catches but plenty of struggles. Overall this has been a sub par February to this point. We are ready for tomorrow.

This last set of fronts brought plenty of wind and the fishing picked up. Cold mornings at least for here with temperatures below 50 on the beach. Now (today) the wind has left us alone finally. Really nice out, comfortable sea conditions, temps back @ 76 degrees this afternoon, and once again the fishing is tough.

Golden Tiles have been a bright spot and we will continue fishing them and pick at the Kings along the reef with that occasional Wahoo getting in the mix. Snappers, while biting, have been smallish. The Sails? Catch one, catch two, don’t see the next one for two days. Who knows, but we are hoping for some more with or without the fronts. Jacks on the wrecks are getting a little larger but don’t fish too large a bait as there continues to be a few Mutton Snappers there as well.

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