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Full moon Fort Lauderdale fishing report

This Fort Lauderdale fishing report comes during a full moon. The moon affects almost all types of fishing, but in many different ways in various places. When the moon is really full here in the month s of August and September we look forward to the fish that has made many a trip here successful offshore of Ft. Lauderdale and that is our Blue and Silver friend the Wahoo. Nice fish in the picture taken aboard on a half day trip with Juan, Alex, Ray and Ben. This one took a trolled Bonito strip bait and that presentation is King this time of year.

Skated on Tropical Storm Erin as most of you are aware and that is a big ?YES?. If you live in South Florida you know these storms are a price we pay for a slice of paradise, and if you are from here as I am never again would be perfect. But the storms, even as meek as Erin became, do get some of the fish going and Snapper fishing right now is very strong. Pretty good chance for a shot at a Warsaw right now among the Vermillion Snappers as this is the time for them as well. There are Mahi off the edge and the Blue that piled on us just prior to the storm isn’t the only one out there. A Sail only here and there and some Jacks. Kings have slowed with the moon.

Tight lines and good fishing

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