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Fishing in Ft. Laudedrdale charter report

This Fort Lauderdale fishing report comes as we tail off of the last moon. The weather of course continues to be warm and getting into the low 90s and that is typical for fishing in Ft. Lauderdale as we get into September. Offshore the ocean conditions continue to be favorable with less than two foot seas the norm. The current near shore has been low enough to allow some bottom fishing but off the edge it continues to run strongly. That rain that was favoring Miami has now included our area and yesterday we had a one hour storm that really dumped some rain. We need it, but…… SW winds forecast for the mornings coming up so it will be close and warm.

Offshore the Mahi-Mahi have slowed somewhat out front but there are still fish available. There continue to be some good ones. Kings on the inside but you really need to get out early. Still the tail end of the summer Bonito run inside as well. On the bottom the Vermillions continue to be a good choice and some are nicer fish as opposed to the shorties a couple of weeks back. No Wahoo for us since our last. As before a Sail here and there. Swordfish report remains on the slow side for most unless your name is Bobby Boyle. He continues to get it done as few others can. But it is always worth the try whenever one gets out into that area as it only takes one right bite to stay connected on there and make your day.

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