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Fort Lauderdale fishing trips for Mahi-Mahi

Mahi-Mahi have been the primary go to species and here in
Fort Lauderdale fishing has been strong for these popular fish. Always a welcome fish for local fishermen and very often a requested species for visiting anglers as well. Pretty steady Sailfish action and some Kings are also biting. All of this continues to take place inshore and roughly a mile offshore of the beaches.

With the continued onshore wind we are seeing a lot of our activity within 150 feet of water, and often much shallower. Both the Mahi and Sailfish are working to the south. Small groups of Mahi and many are gaffing sized. The Sails are of all sizes and typically a single or a pair. Kingfish are oddly the deepest bites right now and mostly in the vicinity of that @ that 150 foot water depth. A few Blackfin Tuna and only an occasional Bonito. All are biting well on the troll and of course live baiting gets a lot of attention. Kite fishing with all this wind has been easy and the current is basically a slow flow to the north with the only real issue being the scattered showers moving through so we carefully pick our spots. A couple of wet kites falling fromall the sky is a worst nightmare, or ?kitemare? as we call it. We have managed to avoid that situation thankfully. But the showers persist.

On the reefs the water has been a clean green to mottled blue with the cleaner clearer bluer water just off the edge. The air temp is several degrees cooler now with the water temperature down very slightly as well. Partly cloudy to overcast seems to be the norm with scattered showers coming in from the East and moving quickly across the beaches and on inshore.

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