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Fishing in Fort Lauderdale end of year report

As we wind down to the end of the year we wish to thank all of you who have spent some time fishing in Fort Lauderdale with us. We also want to make sure to wish a a Happy and Prosperous New Year wish to all our anglers and those of you who take the time to follow these reports and hopefully enjoy our limited grasp of the English language and find them helpful never the less. So here we go.

Our day began with a commitment to live baiting small Bonito for hopefully a Sail, Wahoo or possibly a big King. Of course a large Mahi-Mahi would be welcome as well. Live bonito attract big fish. So we set our ?bug lines? out the back and the little bonito were snapping everything up and we had 9 or 10 for bait within minutes and off we went. Choppy seas again so 3 lines for two anglers. Wahoo was the primary for Roland and his wife this morning. Caught one yesterday, and that was good, but not one for Roland this morning. We did get two Sails out of three bites and now Roland , who lives in Amsterdam, has four in the 3 trips he has made with us this year so he’s happy, but we need that Wahoo. And the water looked so right for one too….fishing.

Early this afternoon the fishing went from fruitful to tough quickly. A strange south to offshore current that was down below us in Hallandale early this morning worked it’s way up to Ft. Lauderdale and at one PM the ocean got nasty. Tough going and only 3 medium Bonito to show for the afternoon’s fishing with only a couple of other misses.

The forecast is improving with lessening winds expected and we are ready for that. That weirdo current that made a mess of things was slowing later in the day and conditions were improving. Clean water right up on the reefs. We look forward to tomorrow. It’s a new day and hopefully we’ll see you out there. Tight lines. That beautiful Sailfish shot is once again another memorable photo by Bill Schmidt on his trip.

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