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8-25-16 Fort Lauderdale fishing trips fun times

Fort Lauderdale fishing trips continue to offer some pretty good action and most of the better fishing is taking place within 2 miles of shore. Once you venture outside of the near shore reef structure it has become very much of an adventure what with the shortage of the Mahi-Mahi typically found out in that deeper water this time of year. Very much a crap shoot out there once outside the reefs so our Captains (myself included) have been opting to wet the lines closer in and around these reefs, and as I mentioned the action has been pretty steady.

With the weather a pleasant warm and calm seas a lot of the bites have been coming on our deep trolling rods. Bonito and Kingfish are many of the bites, but some Sailfish and an occasional Wahoo have bit on those deeper lines as well. A few Tunas there also and again on the lines fished on the surface, but far behind the boat.

We have had some nice Jacks and a couple were in the vicinity of 4 feet in length. There have also been some snapper out in the deeper water on small patches of good bottom.

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