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Strong Tuna bite on Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters

Our last four Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters here aboard the Marlin My Darlin have enjoyed some really good action on the football Blackfin Tuna offshore. A very strong northerly current has these Tunas pressed near and on top of the reef line as they try to find a happy medium in the current, or should we say just at the edge of it. They love current but too much of a good thing will often drive them closer to shore looking for a break , and that has been where we are finding them. Good fun once again on lighter tackle.

We have live baited them a few times now with big Kingfish and a few Mahi-Mahi taking them, but no Wahoo, which is really what we are hoping for. We have caught some stud Wahoo on the live Blackfin Tuna over the years, and we will keep doing it a bit until the Blackfins move on. They are so much easier to manage and keep healthy once set out the back and waiting for that big strike. For one they are quite a bit bigger and tougher than the Bullet Bonito we love to fish and secondly they are much less hyper and therefor easier to control when we are rigging them up to put them out and into the spread. It is going to happen and odds are it will be a head turner fish when it does. We are perfectly happy to fill the fish box and have been filling the coolers with Tuna fillets, but when a charter asks for a chance at something larger? You’ve read the paragraph, they’re playing one of our favorite songs.

Some sharks moving through for the Shark lovers with all this current and the abundance of Tuna. Some good ones up to eight plus feet, but not the big numbers we will soon be seeing. It won’t be long now. A drawback of all the current is that our deep bottom spots are shut down Some Vermillion and other Snappers but both Grey and Golden Tilefish are on hold. Some Jacks on the wrecks but this current is flying. A Sail here and there and that’s good but nothing really came out of the much awaited last front to move through our area.

Tight lines and good fishing to all / enjoy this weather / MarlinMy Darlin

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