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Fort Lauderdale fishing charters late January

We now find ourselves awaiting the latest frontal system to make it’s way across Southeast Florida as January comes to a close. Strong steady winds have been continuing now for several days and this has resulted in some nice fish but catches on some days remain erratic. We have been spending the majority of the time on our Fort Lauderdale fishing charters in water less than 250 feet in depth and our trips on the last two days focused on live baiting with the kite(s) being used for setting the baits. Goggle Eyes, Pilchards and Blue Runners have been in good supply for those baits. We also continue to fish with the small live Bonito we catch during out charters as big Kings and Wahoo seldom turn them down. Trolling with dead baits and strips on the deep lines can produce keeper sized Kings ( along with some throwback “shorts”) with an occasional Bonito.

The wind has brought an uptick in the Sailfish activity and we expect to have that opportunity at them on most every charter. As always in fishing there is a chance of not seeing them in the baits but it has been better this week. The best is certainly yet to come and as always this time of year we hope for more of them moving into and through our area as the latest front rolls in. We are expecting about a 10 degree drop in temperatures initially and a swing in the wind and then a three day stretch of the cooler weather until it gets back normal late in the week.

This is the time of year we see the Sails, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi and good Kings along the vicinity of the reef line and with that reef line being near shore here in Ft. Lauderdale fishing for the most part takes place within a mile or two of the beach. As always we have included some photos of anglers here aboard the Marlin My Darlin. Tight lines and good fishing to all

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