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Fishing trips in Ft Lauderdale much improved this week.

The latest front we mentioned in our last report has given our fishing trips here in Ft. Lauderdale a much needed boost and as the winds diminish and complete their swing from the north to the southeast our catches are up and the heavy sea has subsided with the passing of the front and declining winds.

Initially the Sails showed out in the strong north current and with that current being in the vicinity of 450 feet of water here and the north wind with the front meeting that north current a heavy sea was exactly what we had out there. That is much deeper than we usually search for Sailfish, but they were happy there and not showing up inside, so that is where we stayed. Milky blue water outside the greener water on a blend into deep blue water was a good place to be regardless of the depth as the edge was very irregular and the fish were ducking inside the really strong current out in the blue water

These fish have begun showing closer in now for a couple of days and today we found them in water from 150 to 220 feet with the notable exception of three fish busying busting a small school of Ballyhoo in 110 feet very early this morning. We found fish in 150 feet mid morning and then out in 200 to 250 for our afternoon charter. These fish have moved in here from the deep despite murky green water in these depths and south current in 100 feet and north in 200. Peculiar conditions with the current and then add off color water, but they choose their comfort zone, not us. Some Mahi-Mahi passing through as well so…………

Seas are down, the temperature is inching back up, and there are fish out there.
See you on the rip. Marlin My Darlin

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