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Swordfish and Tunas on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale

After our last report regarding our charter’s catch of that fat Shortfin Mako Shark all of us here aboard the Marlin My Darlin were looking forward to getting back out on the rip and wetting the lines.

There have been some bright spots with less rough spots recently and here is what we have seen offshore the last few days (and one night).

A night time deep water charter offshore and then day charters on the near shore reefs yielded that beautiful Swordfish and some nice Blackfin Tunas on our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale.

With Captain Kopper at the wheel and Captain Matt filling in for JJ on the deck as JJ pursues his Captain’s license they guided our repeat customer Brian and his clients to that Swordfish in the lead photo. The Swordfish took a rigged Squid just after the moon rose over a dark and peaceful ocean. Brian’s last charter with us resulted in a two Swordfish night with both of those fish being also taken on squid baits. Captain Kopper was the wheel man on that charter also.

We are catching those nice Blackfin Tunas in the photos in water averaging about 200 feet in depth which is only about a mile and a quarter off the beach here. The Tunas are not showing at all until we get the strike. As you can see some are very nice sized ones.

The current is strongly moving to the north and that has those Tunas regularly taking baits. Occasional Mahi-Mahi and Wahoo mixed in but they remain few in number. A couple days of deep drops for the Golden Tilefish yielded nice fish, really nice fish, on each day we fished them, but as of today that strong current has tilted the playing field there and we have chosen to troll the Tunas instead, not trying the Tilefish at all.

Sailfishing remains off and we only had a crack at one today, and he gave us the slip and jumped off after taking a Goggle Eye fished in the shortest position off a kite. Good show when they take baits that close to the boat, but this one ended early with no catch. Frontal system coming through and the forecast is calling for three days of north wind and north wind and north current go very well together for Sailfish. It would be nice for sure as their numbers have been way off. Good numbers of larger Sharks continue to make their way south swimming into that north current. Nice catch and release one yesterday of about 200 pounds to go along with that afternoon charter family photo with their Tunas.

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