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Fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale early March

As we close out the second week in March we continue to have opportunities at good fish but those days continue to have the possibility of being followed by a tough day offshore. We have used the word “erratic” in previous reports and it remains accurate regarding the day in / day out fishing. Nice Sailfish for the Sullivans, regular customers here aboard the Marlin my Darlin and then a successful kite fishing morning for Sails with Christian and friends who hail out of the Carolinas and have extensive deep sea fishing experience. Follow up those trips with a tough fishing day and there’s the “erratic”.

We have caught the Sailfish here by trolling and also by live baiting with the kites. And those kites have been the medium to heavy wind models as there has been some wind. That wind has been manageable but there has been a swell left over from the latest front, which is now subsiding. From 90 to 160 feet of water has held the most Sailfish. They are moving to the south as expected, and not really free jumping or tailing on the surface to show their location. Singles or pairs.

Some decent Mahi-Mahi off the edge of the reef. 450 to 600 feet seems best for the Mahi with beautiful water continuing to be near shore here. Blackfin Tuna, mostly footballs but on occasion larger, inside of 400 feet. Always nice to see them as often these are multiple strikes at once. Always happy to see good eating fish such as the Mahi-Mahi and Tunas come into the spread.

The current has slowed and Golden Tile Fish in 750 feet and Rosebelly Perch in 800 feet are biting the multiple hook rigs fished dead on the bottom.

Large sharks continue to move through the Ft. Lauderdale fishing areas and that one in the photo is an unusual catch for here, a Bronze Whaler, the second one with Capt. Kopper and 1st mate JJ ( and now “Captain” JJ as he got his papers/license) here. Big strong fish that was caught and released in 400 feet of water.

So there is a rundown of the weeks most encountered species and depths that are working for us. Hope it’s helpful, be flexible in your approach, and remember there will be those lulls in the action.

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