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Spring Break so bring your kids on a fishing charter in Fort Lauderdale

It is a great time of year to get your kids offshore on a Fort Lauderdale fishing charter. We are fishing every day and many of our charters have been families and their children. Ft. Lauderdale is of course a hot spot for the spring break college visitors and we have had them aboard too. For the family groups we lean toward action unless there is a specific request. For the college crews it is often shark, shark, and shark. For this report we’ll include some recent pictures of families and their children. I think the next report will be about the sharks, as it is high season for them, and sharks seem to be at the top of the list, certainly for many of the visiting college anglers

Kingfish and “Albies” ( Bonito) have been anywhere from 60 to 200 feet of water. The Kings have been mostly of school size to slightly larger. The Bonito here now are full grown ones and good hard fighting fun fish for kids to pull on. We have caught a good number of them on spin and had some serious tug of wars. Certainly one of the poorest fish around for table fare but for pound for pound fight they are real sluggers.

We have seem some Mahi-Mahi just off the edge and although fewer in number than they should be this time of year all have been of keeper size. Blackfin Tuna have also been just off the edge and out into 400 feet of water, which is where we are seeing the Mahi. Typically there would be more of those Mahi here by now but they are late, as many species have been, in arriving offshore here.

Speaking of late we had a big push of Sails moving through this week. It is late March as we know and that type of push in more often seen in mid to late January. Either way it was nice to see them but when they show up in numbers this late it is often (and was) in big numbers and moving south with speed. There will certainly still be Sailfish around, but a large number have moved through at once
which is not uncommon when a mild Winter such as this one was doesn’t periodically push them through in smaller earlier bunches earlier in the year.

One fish pretty much on time this year are the greater Amberjacks. They had often been very hit or miss here with some efforts on them bring at times futile, but they are just now beginning to arrive on the wrecks in numbers and they are of decent size. More should arrive here regularly now and they will hang around those wrecks for some time, unlike many of those Sails that passed through. Snappers on the wrecks and deeper structure now too. Golden Tile Fish out in the very deep water when the current allows. And those Sharks, they are here, and providing a big fish experience. Touch on that more in our next report.

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