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Good numbers of fish offshore

Our fishing charters in Fort Lauderdale have continued to produce quite a bit of action for our anglers. Sunny skies and warm days once again as in our last report. Chance of rain most every day now, although it seldom does ( drought here actually) as most rain remains inshore and we steer around many of those that we encounter offshore as we have mentioned before, there are no roads out there in the ocean, and we do take advantage of that. But the weathermen are calling for some real rain to roll in here soon, don’t really care for it, but we need it for sure. We’ll see in the next few days. Fishin in the rain in 85 degree weather is certainly more comfortable than 10 degrees with snow on your hat and trying to tempt the Steelheads, but then I like that too.

Kingfish, Mahi-Mahi, Tuna and False Albacore ( we call them Bonito here) are here in good numbers and typically have been biting very well .These species are represented in the photos included with this report of some of our recent anglers here aboard the Marlin My Darlin.

Kings continue to hug the reefs and right around 100 feet of water. Continuing right along with those Kings is a fresh supply of seaweed, once again keeping the mates very busy clearing lines. Mixed in there with the Kings are good numbers of those Bonito. Good sized Bonito capable of really putting a bend in the rods. They are powerhouses, but the true powerhouses of the family are the Tuna. We love them and frequently target those Tunas. 200 to 350 feet on current edges and in the midst of our friend, the seaweed, has been the place to find them best.

South current inshore most every day here. Runs pretty strongly, then slows considerably, only to soon pick up speed once again. Doing this every day. But what has been happening is a very strong northerly current showing outside (every day) in water between 600 and 750 feet of depth and this has created a very good area for the Mahi-Mahi as they have a preference for these edges and conflicting currents.

Tight lines and see you on the rip. JJ, Matt, Tommy K and JJ

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