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Good fish on Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters

We continue to have good success on our Ft. Lauderdale fishing charters with once again the Kings, Mahi-Mahi, Blackfin Tuna and the Bonito (Little Tunny) typically available and hungry. Some Sailfish showing as well. But not all is wonderful as the weather has been very poor, causing us to miss two charters early this week due to heavy rain. Heavy as in it has been pouring down due to a weak but wet low disturbance bringing in the poor weather. Mother Nature just flexing her muscles to let us know that our old friend, the hurricane season, is just around the corner now and will begin June 1st. Ok, we got it, hold the rain just a wee bit please.

So we’ll dodge the rain as it is actually forecast to diminish but not leave ( actually we didn’t get a drop today until 7 PM despite a forecast that was 60% , love those weathermen). and look for those Kings that continue to be very comfortable up on the reef in depths in the vicinity of 100 feet and those Bonito (Little Tunny, False Albacore, Boneheads to us) should continue to mix it up in there.

The Tuna have been close to the edge and we have caught them regularly when we focus on them with again some Bonito again getting caught just off the edge with these Tuna as well as in with the Kings as we mentioned.

Mahi-Mahi on every ones minds now as we get into summer patterns and we continue to see them just deeper than most of the Tunas but as almost always they are up and down like the weather, but it has been decent fishing for them. Always on the move and a bit easier when a circumstance such as a weed edge lingers for a couple of days. We’ll see what happens with all this rain and the resulting fresh water pouring into the ocean as it also pours down on us. Hopefully all species will continue to bite well, but the best bite will probably be in some slightly deeper water.

Wishing everyone tight lines once again, and we’ ll see you offshore. JJ, Matt, JJ and Tommy K aboard the Marlin My Darlin

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