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Deep Sea fishing charter Fort Lauderdale action

Continued great weather here with no rain and bright sunny skies. The wind has almost totally dropped off and that has made for essentially flat calm seas. The persistent sea weed that has been so prevalent as of late has finally moved on ( what didn’t wash up on the beaches) for the most part and our mates are happy about that. There is still some sea weed in the area but reasonable amounts are good, and much more manageable for sure. Included as always are some photos of anglers who have joined us here aboard the Marlin my Darlin for a deep sea fishing fishing charter. Fort Lauderdale action has been good and here’s what has been happening.


       Good numbers of Blackfin Tuna are in our area and actively feeding on many charters. Only an occasional slower day as these fish are a species we are targeting. Water from 150 to 300 feet has continued to hold bait and the Tunas are often right there with the bait fish as expected. Slight current edges are good areas to fish and these fish also very much like structure this time of year. No Wahoo for us which is a surprise as they get on these Tunas and can be sizable fish. But tomorrow is another day and we’ll pick away at the Tuna and the Wahoo baits will be in the spread every charter.


        Kingfish are biting regularly in the areas of the near shore reefs. School sized fish and as in our last report and most are of legal size. We continue to feel trolling is providing the best action for our anglers . A quick push of Sailfish action was very brief, and we are up and trolling more than live baiting once again with a watchful eye of that species. Very soon we will see an uptick and more predictable bite on the Sails.


       As I looked through our photos I noticed a lot of children, so as you see the photos of the anglers I mentioned are all of kids for this report. I have a pile of photos of children that have joined us here and don’t be surprised to see some more of shots of the junior set in our next report. Tight lines and good fishing to all.  

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