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Better chances for Sailfish this week.

Still pretty warm here despite a good easterly wind taking the edge off. Seeing a few more Kings, Mahi and Tunas than last week but we would like to see more and some days continue to be tough fishing. Every morning, and we are fishing every day, begins with radio and phone calls and a hard look at the water out front as we begin another day offshore trying to get a finger on the pulse so to say. And as we have been saying, at times that pulse can be weak.

The bright spots: More Sailfish that we have seen so far this winter have been taking baits in water from 60 to 250 feet in depth. Singles but also the small groups we like to see. These fish are moving fast, very fast, to the south. Occasional bites on dead trolled baits but live bait has been best. Our choices have been either Ballyhoo fished out of the outriggers or kite fishing, both with live baits. So there are more Sailfish, but we would very much like to see some larger numbers. Golden Tilefish continue to bite very well on the bottom out in the deep water in the vicinity of 800 feet. Most are of average size but we have again managed some fat ones.

Kings are spotty but some are of good size. Only an occcasional Mahi. Chipping away at the Tuna and we have caught a couple of good Wahoo. Vermillion Snappers for the kids have been biting OK when the current is flowing slightly to the north, with Porgy and Jacks mixed in.

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